Custom Goalie Equipment

for modern goalies

performance oriented

highly customizable

hand made in finland

Neck guards

Simple and rigid neck guard.

Very protective, comfortable and customizable.


Robust and high performance suspenders.


Robust and high performance T-flex toe ties.

leg pads

Modern goalie pads with an unique design.

Unparalleled performance.

Light weight, thin profile, solid core.

Superior sliding abilities.

Catch gloves

Customizable catch gloves with big and deep pockets.

Light weight, protective, great wrist mobility.


Rigid blocker with a firm and balanced feel.

High performance, light weight and protective.


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Teollisuustie 7
77700 Rautalampi


+358 44 3757744

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Teollisuustie 7, 77700 Rautalampi

Teollisuustie 7, 77700 Rautalampi

Kova goalie

Kotimaiset käsin tehdyt custom maalivahdin varusteet. Custom hand made goalie gear from Finland. By Varusteverstas
Kova goalie
Kova goalie02/04/2019 @ 18:53
We have best customers.🖤 Makes it all worth while 🙏

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My full set of @kovagoalie gear...! Have had the pads, blocker and trapper for a while now and can honestly say that they are by far the best set of gear I've ever had. Just bought the neck guard and suspenders and I'm already amazed by the quality.

If you're ever thinking about buying a new set of gear do ask an offer from Topi & Noora (@varusteverstas). I'm happy that I bought this set instead of some mass produced brand made by, to me, unknown people. Now I've had the chance to get to meet the people behind this stuff and see how much they care of us, their customers, and how much they love doing goalie gear.

A huge thank you to Topi and Noora from @varusteverstas!

#kovagoalie #varusteverstas #goalie #icehockey #goaliegear
Kova goalie
Kova goalie08/03/2019 @ 9:16
Happy women's day for you awesome ladies!🖤🥳 You rock!! 📸@meeriraisanen #womensday #icehockey #goalie #suspenders #kovagoaliebyvarusteverstas #varusteverstas #mvhype
Kova goalie
Kova goalie28/02/2019 @ 9:48
Custom suspenders and neck guard for @goaliegearnerd Thanks for testing our stuff. Get your original Kova equipment from Finland. Message us on IG or We will soon launch a customizer on