Leg pads & gloves

Leg pads

Kova goalie leg pads are designed with the goalie’s best performance in mind. They have a very unique design, that allows the goalie to go down to butterfly very quick and recover back on their feet extremely fast. A special material on  the sliding surfaces makes the the best sliding pad on the market. Even on rough ice.

Unique angled leg channel that allows the leg to be in a much more ergonomic position results in less stress on the hips, knees and ankles.

Super light weight. Thin core from top top bottom.

The pads are highly customizable. Everything from stiffness of the core and breaks, to strapping, sliding and graphics can be made to your specific needs.

Catch gloves

Kova catch gloves are are light, protective and comfortable. A unique pocket design opens wide to the shot. 45 degree break angle offers a comfortable feel.

They have an open cuff, that offers a wide range of movement for the wrist. A floating wrist strap also helps with stickhandling and presenting the glove to the puck. Three-point hand tightening strap and elastic finger stalls keep the hand snug in the glove.

One piece and two piece models available. Both are very customizable.


Kova goalie blocker is very light weight, balanced and rigid.

The board has a special sandwich HD foam construction which makes it very stiff and durable. Solid sidewall offers great protection.

Open cuff design allows for a wide range of motion for desperation saves and stickhandling. 

At the moment we are not taking in orders for pads and gloves. If we resume producing them, we will update this page with new pics and pricing.